Debra's next book, HIDDEN TAPESTRY: Jan Yoors, His Two Wives, and the War That Made Them One, will come out from Northwestern University Press, Spring 2018.


In HIDDEN TAPESTRY, Debra Dean tells the story of a remarkably singular figure, Jan Yoors, and his two wives, whose lives encompassed to an extraordinary degree the history of the twentieth century. At the height of his fame, in the 1970s, Yoors, known for his photographs and his enormous tapestries, was still what most would call a cult figure. To those who knew him, he’d lived an almost mythical life, though it was in fact even more incredible than they realized. Here is the real-life account, a story of remarkable wartime heroics and post-war bohemia in Greenwich Village. Their endurance and passion made for powerful art and for lives lived as art: transgressive, dramatic, and utterly unique.